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Her casting is merely a way of getting more bums on seats


Fashionable Evil: If Patsy has a D Character Alignment, this is it. Fag Hag: Edina claims that all her friends are gay. This isn’t true. They need to stop calling us cougars because we are not mountian lions and leave the cougar in the mountains where they belong. These school officials need to do what is right and that is to give the children the winner of their vote, not to void it out! Why even bother getting the children involved to vote if the plan was not to use it anyways, all you school officials are doing is teaching the children not to bother voting because it doesnt make a difference the officials are going to do what they want anyways! Thanks for damaging more of our future voting Americans. Plus the last time I checked we lived in America the home of the free, and not in Russia the home of the controled! Thanks for more damaged children!.

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replica handbags online But hey, there’s a good cast keeping this thing afloat, right? Well, Taylor Kitsch may be a more likeable lead here then he was in JOHN CARTER, but he still comes across as the real life equivalent of Plank from ED, EDD, AND EDDY. Elsewhere Liam Neeson looks embarrassed in the few scenes he appears in, whilst Rihannawell, she just stands there! Lets not beat around the bush, she serves absolutely no purpose in being in this film, or any for that matter. Her casting is merely a way of getting more bums on seats surely a sign that the film’s producers lacked faith in their own film! Stick to the day job, Rihanna unless your day job is now acting, in which case, give up the day job and go back to dancing half naked in fetishized music videos.. replica handbags online

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