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Or at least no less attractive


Brad Davison hit Wisconsin’s first 3 pointer of the game to tie it at 53 and cap a 7 0 run. Sanders scored with 1:47 left then added a 3 pointer with under a minute to go for a 58 53 lead. Brad Davison hit Wisconsin’s first 3 pointer of the game to tie it at 53 and cap a 7 0 run. I thought Charles should have a lawyer sidekick like in Hunter S Thompson’s Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. The name was an in joke between me and my friend Risn Ingle when she worked in a job where she wasn’t allowed to take personal calls. I used to tell the receptionist my name was Hennessy Cognac O’Hara from Hennessy Cognac O’Hara and Associates.

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